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Great service

Totally recommend this Store for Mobile phone issues.

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Hi Guys, Dean, here i do some work as an online secrecy researcher got a little bit of bad news for you, i built an update to a scanner used to detect hackable WordPress based sites, and your site came on the radar. over 60,000 WordPress sites get hacked a day its extremely frustrating to get hacked. It costs time, money, reputation, and nerves, but whatss even worse in most cases itss completely avoidable if you follow WordPress security best practices. No site is completely hack-proof. The fact that huge companies get hacked all the time is the best example of that. However, just a tiny effort can dramatically increase the chances of not getting hacked! Anyway guys i would love to provide you with a free report on my findings that will show you exactly what i found, and how you can fix it.. i am one of the good guys, there is no charge for the report i will just leave a donations link at the bottom of the report, so if you found value then you are free to donate but there is no obligation at all. just ping me back an email with your name so know who i am talking to. Thanks guys. Dean

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iPhone repair

Highly recommended!

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